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Internet radio, the ball headed stepchild!


Internet radio seems to be seen as a ball headed step child, when it comes to recognition, as a viable source, for advertisements and artist exposure, this is compared to the FM & AM dial! Even, satellite radio has established itself as viable competition to FM & AM exposure, and advertisement dollars. I’m not sure what it would take to for internet radio to get its due. Maybe more shows and versatile entertainment choices! Or, maybe we should focus on more than indie artist, because in any particular area, there are only so many indie artist, available for interviews, and with the advent of social media, most artist fell as if they don’t need radio exposure, and they may be correct. But, that maybe a mistake that most artist, may come to regret. Internet radio is radio that is available by anyone, at any time, from anywhere. All anyone needs to access internet radio is basically a phone with data or an internet connection. Whereas, FM requires radio and Satellite requires a radio with such capability to access the satellite station in which you are requesting. Internet radio is more easily accessible, if you take into account the obstacles put forth in the paragraph above, to access all the other radio broadcasters. I believe, that with any new technology, internet radio is seen as a fad that will soon fail. But, most don’t know that internet radio has been around for at least 20 years and has millions of listeners, mostly in countries not reached by local FM stations. Internet radio has to establish itself as a major player in the radio business, in a way that can’t be ignored. You may ask what are my solutions, since, I seem to be the only one complaining about it. Well, I would give out those solutions, but since, I own an internet station, I will have to keep those ideas to myself until they can be proven, by me applying them to my station. Stay tuned for a blog post about this research. Internet radio, will become a much more major player in the entertainment business once the station owners, become more aware of their paths, power and significance! There are multiple broadcast platforms that will help you broadcast your station for a price, and this to me is a hindrance to the growth and financial freedom of the internet stations and its owners. We have to figure out a way to brake free of the third-party broadcast sites, and we have to find a way to getting the use of copy written works for cheaper. The cost of getting approval to play copy written work is the major obstacles to all internet radio stations becoming more established. I will do a blog post on the obstacles against internet radio in gaining permissions to play copy written materials later. But, this is the major obstacle. It’s my belief that internet radio is still a viable source of exposure for all, once adapted and presented in away that is one of the artist first choice and not it’s last. And, that day is coming soon.

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