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Self Preservation

Self preservation is very important when it comes to maintaining a healthy life. A lot of us neglect ourselves without even realizing it. As parents, mates, and the many roles we play throughout our daily lives, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, over worked, and sometimes unavailable (mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually), and in those times we need rest and to be around positive energy. Self preservation can seem selfish to the people who aren't accustomed to communicating and sometimes being told No. They have a more difficult time understanding solitude, peace, life cycles, and ships (partnerships, friendships, relationships, etc). Most times if you are a reliable person and is always trying to be there for others, you aren't

being selfish at all when you take time out of life for your personal needs. When you decide to take care of yourself and give others a part of what's left after doing so, you start to understand self love a little more. This is a little off topic but I'll share this because it's all related in some way shape form or fashion. We can say we have confidence and high self esteem all day but when our actions speak differently then it shows. We start to attract the energies that are the total opposite of love. But when you Love shows as well...You treat yourself in a way that doesn't welcome users, abusers, and people who aren't aligned. Even if those people show up, they don't stay around long. Now back to our topic, if you are a person who saves everybody then you should definitely surround yourself with people who will reciprocate and understand when you are tired. If you do not, it becomes draining, and nobody can pour from an empty cup. I enjoy helping others but I also know when I need to be recharged...or rejuvenated. At those times I make it known to the people who matter to me most and they respect it. It was a process, I am everything to 5 people daily (my 4 teens and myself)...I am the only daughter to my mom and the only sister to my yes, I am aware of how difficult it is to say No sometimes or to want to be supportive and can't because you're just too tired. It's not a good feeling but once I learned how to say NO without an explanation, I realized I had reached a level in life that I appreciate more as I get older. According to Google, self preservation is the protection of oneself from harm or death. With that being said, do what you can for others without feeling guilty or unworthy when you can't. You have to protect and take care of yourself in order to be what other people need. Self preservation is necessary but sometimes difficult to attain in a world that makes everybody easily accessible...therefore it may include not being available via social media or by cellular device. You may have to disconnect from technology to gain the peace needed to regroup.

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