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Salute 21 Savage For Recognizing The Importance Of Financial Literacy Amongst Our Youth

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

21 Savage is a young, successful, world renowned rapper and songwriter who launched a Financial Literacy Bank Account campaign for the youth. During a visit to Camp Jewel House Academy Stem School in Dekalb County, he spoke out against gang violence and mentioned his support for stricter gun control. Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson was right there with him. 21 Savage had an opportunity to teach a few fourth graders about career choices in the music industry and he highlighted the importance of financial literacy. He also pledged $100 to each child who attended the event and opened a bank account. 

21 Savage launched his first campaign in March 2018, and at that time, he pledged to get at least 150 students jobs by June of this year. Savage stated “For most kids, the focus is on earning money, and while that is important, but to really get ahead you need to know how to manage your money, not just make it." Hank Johnson is very proud to work with this young gentleman. Johnson co-hosted the recent 21st Century Banking Workshop, and he added, “Last year, I had the privilege of participating in one of 21 Savage’s philanthropic enterprises. His events draw thousands of young people eager to hear his message. He’s very beloved by the people of Atlanta and the people of our community. 21 Savage is a young man who has found success, but he never forgot the community where he grew up.”

Misfits Radio Salutes 21 Savage...We appreciate you for setting the example that's needed for our youth to become a conducive part of society and we strongly encourage you to keep up the good work❗ 

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