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There are more sources of promo for indie artist, than just social media‼️By  DjLab

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

The new music industry and the new artist coming out, have decided that social media is the only form of advertisement they need to promote their art. All new artist use social media, and all use it for better or worse, to support the art in which they practice. The social media promoting has left some other forms of promotion out of the mix! New artist believe they don’t need anything else but, a few thousand followers, to make it in the industry in which they practice. But, the reality is most social media followers don’t turn into sustainable customers. There are rare occasions where a video goes viral and makes that person an instant celebrity, but most times when that happens, those artist can’t capitalize on their social media fame. Most people on social media only Follow and support, people they believe can help their careers, and that usually translates to people who are already celebrities. Inspiring artist should use all media at their disposal, but most don’t. With the advent of internet radio The reach of media is worldwide, and this is an avenue most artist shun and take for granted. We believe artist should not only use social media, but should also, take a harder look at internet radio for its reach and availability. There are several internet radio outlets some are better than others, but most are here to help the indie artists gain exposure. Internet radio is the only media source that can let your art be seen and heard in the way in which you intended. 

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