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The business in Radio business!

I have never in my life, ran into so many fake and phony people before, as I have in this radio and music business. The sheer amount of people who are willing to lie, cheat and steal from you and on you to make it to the top, is amazing! The problem, seems to be, with the advent of internet radio, there seems to be, too many radio stations, podcast and alike, going after the same clientele and artists! This leads to the crabs in a barrel mentality! Everyone wants to be first to do something new, and first to interview certain artists, but what they all fail to recognize is that it's the same soup, just reheated! The environment set around the internet and FM radio seems to be so toxic nowadays, you can't even collaborate with too many people in this business, because, it can lead to hate, resentment and anger! Radio show host usually are what makes a great station even better, but, you have times when the show host and creators, seem to think that they make the radio stations. That if they leave the station, the station will eventually crumble and fall. I have also ran into internet radio stations owners, whom think that they are owed something, because of who they used to be, or because they have given the artist, host and producer a platform, for which to broadcast their visions. Radio business is a hard grind. There is nothing easy about it. People don't appreciate the effort put into the business part. Artist don't appreciate the exposure! Radio personalities, are not loyal, and then there is you the owner stuck between, continuing, or just saying fuck it! The high school mentality can drive you insane! It's a shame that, the artist, record labels, or advertisers, don't see any value in the internet radio business. Once the kinks are gotten out, the sky is the limit. Worldwide reach means just that.

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